Sock sizes

Feet are measured for shoes (and socks) pretty well the same way wherever you go, but the scales used to communicate size vary depending where in the world you are. Sock leg lengths are also named differently in different countries and by different makers. If you're unsure what's right for you hopefully we can help.

Firstly let's talk length on the leg!

Here's our picture guide to sock leg lengths. All of our socks are named by a style shown in the pictures below. Further down this page you'll find our guide to shoe sizes.



And if you're confused about shoe size:

Confused about sock sizes that are different in different parts of the world? Here's the answer, just check your shoe size against our comparison chart for US, UK and EU sizes to find the sock (or shoe) size that fits for you. If you can't see the size info you need try referring to the International Shoe Size Conversion Chart here

Some of our socks are handmade and so are sold just as small/ medium or medium/ large, but most of our socks are shown with number sizes that you can relate to your shoe size. We show the US, UK, AUS and EU size on the product page to make ordering that little bit easier! 

Remember that a good fit is about more than just shoe size, with the width, shape and size of a wearers foot, and size of lower leg all having a bearing on fit and comfort. For socks where you have a choice of size but your own shoe size is on the border between two sock sizes then we recommend that you go for the larger of the two, for example you’re looking for size 8 and the socks comes in 6-8 and 8-10, then go with the larger size!





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Happy sock wearing...