Thanks for visiting We're delighted you're here and want you to trust us in our relationship with you. Hopefully you’ll find us to be honourable people to deal with! The information below explains our online relationship with you in the use of computer cookies and personal information. We've tried to make it straightforward to read and understand but if our English isn't plain enough or you have any comments or questions please get in touch - you'll find our contact details below.



Let’s start with cookies, most people have heard of them but perhaps don’t know too much about what they are and what they do. We don’t believe there’s anything to be concerned about.

Cookies are small text files that we place on the browser of visitors to our store without which it would not be possible for our store to function properly. This is true of virtually all websites - cookies make the online world go round! For example they enable us to recognise your log-in details, remember who you are, add socks to the shopping basket without having to sign-in each time a new pair is chosen, add products to a wish list, remember what you put in your shopping basket, and remember your address and contact information. Cookies contain no information about you or the computer/ device you are shopping on. They serve no purpose other than to enable you to shop with ease in our store.

In simple terms our store won’t function without the use of cookies. The shopping experience will be dreadful at best and more likely won’t work at all. In the act of visiting you accept our use of cookies because without them it will be difficult or even impossible to shop with us online. You are however welcome to buy from us by phone, just give us a call! Alternately you can of course terminate your visit to our store.



To many this must seem like quite boring stuff so we’ve created a quick summary of how and why we collect personal information from you and what we do with it. Below the summary is more detailed information including how to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.



We need to be able to collect personal information from you if you want to purchase our socks or keep up to date with our news and offers. The information we collect from you is only what we need to be able to take your order and serve you effectively (at the the time of order and for aftercare). This includes name, address and contact information to process and deliver your order, and in some cases payment information from your debit or credit card. Unfortunately it will not be possible for you to shop with us if you don’t want to provide this information. Your details will be shared with third party companies who help us to complete your order, for example your name and home or work address will be required by delivery companies such as Royal Mail.

Your personal information is securely stored and never sold or given to organisations or businesses not connected with our selling of socks to you. If we have your approval then we will ask you by email what you think of your purchase/ shopping experience, or for example send you our emails with sock news and special offers. The companies we use to provide you with email newsletters and review requests and special offers will need your name and email address to do that but we control the process of email communications, and what is sent and such companies cannot contact you directly or use or share or sell your personal information.


More on the security of your personal identity information

We take the security of your personal information seriously and consequently this store is protected to the highest level possible by GeoTrust, a leader in the security and encryption of data stored by online stores. You can view our certification here. While we hold details of your name and address etc we do not store debit or credit card information, (more on which in the next section below).


Perma Retail Ltd trading as will collect information from you without which regrettably you cannot make a purchase:

  • The personal information that we collect includes for example your name, billing address, delivery address, email address, telephone number and payment information which you provide to us when you create an account and/ or place an order. We might also collect some information if you write a store review, email us with a query, create a wishlist, sign-up for our newsletter, enter a competition or similar

  • We mainly collect personal information to process and delivery your order, communicate with you about the progress of your order, and check with you after delivery that you are satisfied with your order. We keep a record of your order for accounting, tax and customer service purposes

  • We assume that if you want to shop with us you will also want to hear from us with news of our socks and special offers. We will only email you in this way if you have either signed up for our newsletter in a form in our store or if you have consented to receive our emails at the time of purchase. Please see below for more information

  • If you call us we may record certain personal information and details of your enquiry to assist our ability to serve you, particularly where you might place an order by phone. 

  • If you contact us by email we keep a record of the conversation between us which acts as our "to do list" and record of service or assistance we've given you. 

With information we have collected we will never share this with a third party unless required to do so by law or to enable us to process our business with you. For example we necessarily share personal information with:

  • Our delivery partners who get your name and address to enable them to deliver your order and where appropriate we provide a mobile number to keep you informed of the progress of your order

  • Technology partners who provide our automated order processing systems so that they can process payment for your order, prevent and monitor potentially fraudulent activity, label your order for shipment and survey your satisfaction or otherwise.

  • When a special order is placed for a customer we may need to provide the manufacturer/ supplier of the product with information to enable them to deliver the order.

These third party companies are not permitted to use or share or sell your personal information. However they may contact you on our behalf in connection with your order, for example, a delivery company may use your mobile phone number if provided by you to keep you up to date on the progress of your delivery.


Payment and debit/ credit card information

We take payment by a variety of secure methods. In no case do we collect your debit or credit card information unless you choose to pay by phone, (see below). Naturally our payment processors do collect (or already have a record of) your debit/ credit card information depending on your payment method:

  • When you pay using a Wallet payment method such as PayPal or AmazonPay then we are provided with payment without access to your card or bank details. If you do not have an account with us and purchase as a guest using a quick checkout method such as PayPal Express Checkout or AmazonPay then the payment provider will also provide us with information necessary to process the order such as your name, address and contact details.

  • If you use our secure card payment method and enter your own debit/ credit card details then our third party card payment processor called Stripe collects your payment information but does not share that with us.

  • We only ever ask for debit or credit card details if you are shopping with us by phone, and these are entered into our Stripe payment system after which we no longer have access to them. Our commitment to you is that we do not write down or retail these card details. In principle however you should know that sharing card details over the phone is less secure than entering them online using a reputable payment processor.



After you have made a purchase and it has been delivered we may contact you through our third party review partner (Yotpo) to ask what you think of the socks your purchased and/ or the service we provided. If you choose to provide a review then your feedback will will help us monitor and improve our products and service. The review will be shared anonymously with other shoppers in our store using only an abbreviation of your name, for example "John S." by which you cannot be identified. We keep a record of the review and your details and in nearly all cases reply to the review to say "Thanks!" or to answer any specific query. Usually our response is by email but may involve other methods such as phone or post depending on the circumstance. We also issue a discount coupon in a separate email to reward customers for writing a review (whatever that review might say!) If you you receive a review request but prefer not to then please let us know using the contact details below and we'll remove you for the contact list for customer feedback.

We also write to customers,approximately weekly, with news on our socks, offers including exclusive offers, sale reductions and other things we think you might be interested in. You have a choice to opt-out of receiving our emails when you first shop with us, this is very clearly shown when you make your initial order. If you later change your mind and no longer want to hear from us then you can simply unsubscribe (using the button at the bottom of our emails) or email us and ask to be removed from our list. We really don’t want to contact you if you don’t want us to so don’t be afraid to get in touch!


Updating your information

You are welcome to change/ update personal information that we hold about you by updating it personally in your account with us or by contacting us (see below) so that we can assist you. if you have an account with us you are welcome to delete it at any time so long as there is not an outstanding order not yet shipped/ dispatched at that time.



Our Data Protection Leader is Andrew Gill and you can contact him personally if you have any concerns or questions not answered in our guidance above on how your personal information is collected, stored or used. It is our aim to respond to all customer enquiries within 24 hours:

By email to:

By phone on: +44 (0) 1663308180

Or write to us, our address is: Perma Retail Ltd, GF6 Calico House, Furness Vale Business Centre, Calico Lane, Furness Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire, England, SK23 7SW. 

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