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Ever had so little on your mind that you've looked around and ultimately down to your feet, admired your socks but then wondered what they were made of? Here's a quick guide to our raw materials:

Wool: yep, from sheep! Our wool socks are hand made using fibre created from sheep fleeces. Wool is great for warmth.

Cotton: cotton yarn is created from the fibre of the cotton plant, grown in tropical climates. Cotton is known for it's versatility and used to make clothing, bedding, towels and more. In making socks it's useful because of it's strong, easy to wash, long-lasting and comfortable.

Egyptian cotton lisle: Egypt has an excellent climate for cotton production and a long standing reputation for silky soft fibres that are both strong and fine. Extra long Egyptian cotton fibres that have been mercerised (a process to give extra lustre and strength) then have any stray fibres on the thread burned off to produce what is called cotton lisle, the benefits of which include natural shine, durability and comfort. 

Organic cotton: Like cotton but free of genetic modfication and grown without resort to using man made fertilisers or chemicals, and a natural partner therefore in the construction of our bamboo socks.

Combed cotton: Like cotton but softer and stronger as a result of combing to remove short fibres producing a long and strong fibre, we recommend it for durability, shape and amazing comfort.

Recycled cotton: Clever this! Cotton waste (for example off-cuts from cotton material used in making clothing garments) can be turned back into a cotton fibre to make cotton yarn all over again. Recycled cotton is strong and durable, great therefore for socks!

Sea Island cotton: A very superior cotton yarn with the longest of all fibres making it the most sought after and expensive of cottons. The longer the fibre the greater the cotton count that is possible, referring to the density of cotton used. Sea island cotton is known for it's superior quality, durability and coolness in summer.

Bamboo: A sustainable crop which grows naturally, often where nothing else will, bamboo is not just for Panda's! Bamboo yarn is taken from the fibres of bamboo "timber". It's amazing for socks, very soft, anti-fungal and just great for wicking away moisture/ sweat. Oh, and it doesn't whiff....

Viscose: A few of our cotton socks might contain viscose rather than Polyamide (Nylon). Viscose is made from plant or wood pulps and used in socks for softness, absorbency and coolness.

Nylon, (often referred to as Polyamide): It's not the primary component of anything we sell, but it's used with some of our cotton socks to add resilience, both in wear and care.

Metallic yarn: Just what it sounds like! Even gold and silver have been used to make yarns but before you get excited the tiny amounts of metallic thread in our socks is there just for decoration and isn't going to make you rich even if it was gold or silver. Which it isn't.

Elastane (also referred to as Spandex): chemical based material that provides stretch where it's needed, especially around the ankle in our socks. In some of our socks ingredients lists you might see the name "Lycra" which is simply a type/ brand of Spandex.

If you would also like to know about our ethical standards then please also have a look at our "Made with..." page.


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