Who ever gives socks a second thought?

Socks are just there aren't they, pretty well taken for granted? But the fact that you're here at and reading this means that you appreciate good socks, their comfort and durability, and how important it is to treat your feet for the sake of their health and yours! Probably you smile when you take some cheerful, happy or even humorous design from the drawer in the morning. Or perhaps cooling summer or warming winter socks just make you feel better about facing whatever weather's going to meet you at the door. Good socks are a simple pleasure!

Not a pleasure that everyone enjoys though. Homeless people everywhere dread, among other things, the cold of Winter and of course wet weather at any time of year. At seriouslysillysocks we're doing something about that, and providing socks to the people who live on the streets of Manchester, England. We're delighted to be doing that through a direct action charity called Socks & Chocs!

So far we've donated 2,736 pairs of socks just the same as the ones you see in our store. In Winter months especially we try to prioritise high value warm socks, in summer months lighter weight (cooler and drier to wear) bamboo socks. The value of our donations to date is approximately £21,888 (at retail prices).




Founded in Birmingham, England in 2010, Socks & Chocs is a charity which encourages people to donate socks, chocolates and a few other things besides, (sleeping bags, hats and gloves are good!) No one at Socks & Chocs earns a penny. Through other organisations and willing partners they work to collect and distribute donations in many areas of Britain. We know there are other examples of this type of work around the world.

Please click here to visit Socks & Chocs and find out more about their down-to-earth approach and fantastic work that makes a real difference.  

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Happy sock wearing...