Caring for Your Socks



Caring for socks won’t be top of most people’s minds when doing the laundry but great socks (and tights) deserve proper care to help them look fabulous, feel great, and last a long time! We recommend always to follow the care information on the packaging the socks are delivered with. You might also find this guide helpful:


Bamboo and Cotton fibres

Machine wash at 30°c is best but we know socks get thrown in with everything else at 40 and that will usually be okay. The most important thing is to avoid tumble drying if possible which is likely to cause some shrinkage. Ideally dry socks naturally and stretch back into shape when removing from the washer.


Sheep Wool, Merino, Alpaca, Cashmere Blend and Fluffy Socks

Ideally hand wash or if the socks are especially valuable then you might even consider dry cleaning. If convenience and time leads you to machine wash then a short and gentle low temperature wool setting is essential to minimise shrinkage.

Never use a tumble dryer but instead stretch socks back into shape and dry naturally. For hand washed socks it’s best to dry flat, the amount of water still present may stretch a sock left hanging on a line or airer.


Cashmere socks

Machine washing is out of the question for luxury Cashmere socks. Gentle hand wash and never use a tumble dryer but instead stretch socks back into shape and dry naturally and flat.


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Happy sock wearing...