Why Wear Organic Socks?

Why Wear Organic Socks?

Posted by Andrew Gill on 11th Aug 2018

Why on Earth is Organic Cotton so important?

Quite simply, it’s healthier for our environment! Softer and more comfortable than traditional cotton, our Zkano organic cotton (socks) haven't been treated with any of the harmful agricultural chemicals that are a problem for cotton farmers, workers and the surrounding land area. Growing cotton organically also uses far less water.

Basically, Organic Cotton is considered kinder to Mother Earth.

We've a new range deisgns of Organic Socks from our friends at Zkano in Alabama USA; to see more of what they do watch the video here, and save £2 a pair at our checkout with code: ZKANO (offer ends 31st August 2018)

We asked Gina Locklear, founder and owner of Zkano just what makes her socks special:

Why do you choose to make your socks from organic cotton?

"My favourite thing about using organic cotton is that it makes the socks so soft! About 10 years ago, I started eating organic food. I founded Zkano and living an organic lifestyle became very important to me. I had done a lot of research on the differences between conventional cotton and organic cotton. It makes it a lot harder – the main reason is cost. But to me it was a no-brainer! I want to make ethical socks with organic cotton for the same reason that I want to eat organic food which is grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. I don’t put that in my body so I don’t put that on my feet either. It’s very important to me to incorporate organic living throughout all areas of my life."

Are there any other things that Zkano does for the environment?

"Yes, in addition to the organic cotton that we use, the dyes that we use are also eco-friendly. We use low impact dyes that are free of heavy metals and also use much less water in the

production dye process. We recycle all of our waste in our factory. We keep our waste very low in terms of the industry norm. We also donate a lot of our ‘seconds,’ which are second quality socks which can’t be sold, to a couple of different organisations that re-purpose them. We have a recycling program where anyone can send us any socks and we have means on site to have them recycled. 95% of our packaging materials are sourced locally from either Alabama or Georgia which is our neighbouring state."

What’s unique about your sock-making process?

"Our process is very different. We manufacture our own socks. Most sock brands do not manufacture their socks; they have to source them from somewhere. Our knitting machines are just a few steps from my office so you can imagine the hands on tie that you get with sample-making and production. In my opinion, it makes our quality much higher. We’re all about the hands-on manufacturing and I think our product is better for that".

To see our full range of beautiful Earth friendly Zkano socks click here

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Happy sock wearing...