What's Your Cosy?

What's Your Cosy?

Posted by Andrew Gill on 26th Sep 2018

Warm feet matter!

Keeping feet warm is a simple enough pleasure but perhaps not so simple to do! If your feet are cold then the chances are the rest of you is too, and feeling cold isn't something most people set out to do. It doesn't matter whether you're at home or work, indoors or out, busy or relaxing, if you have cold feet you'll know about it, and your day certainly won't be any the better for that nagging discomfort!

Cold feet can be avoided though. Look for socks that we describe as warm or extra warm whether you be needing to keep feet warm out and about, on the sofa or even in bed! Look for bed socks for sleeping, sofa socks for relaxing, boot socks for outdoors and so on! In particular look for natural materials, all types of wool will insulate feet really well while being breathable too. Trapped air between fibres is warmed and moist air released to keep feet dry and fresh. 

Check out our cosy socks here or get in touch if we can help you find your cosy!

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Happy sock wearing...