Wedding Socks and Why They Matter!

Wedding Socks and Why They Matter!

Posted by Andrew Gill on 18th May 2019

Tradition has it that the Bride claims centre stage on the big day but as men fight for equality with the opposite sex even this long held principle is under threat. Brave men are asserting their basic human right to garner equal attention on their wedding day, even as they take their vows....

The trouble is that equality only goes so far. How does the groom assert himself and steal his share of the limelight when his beloved is resplendent wearing a fancy frock? At best he has a grey suit with tie and pocket square in the prescribed colour theme for the wedding. Here are a few ideas. Yep, they're all sock related!

The Last Stand

Walking up the aisle is I'm told the Last Stand of the free man. Thereafter nothing is quite the same again. With the suit, shirt, tie and other accessories all carefully choreographed there's not much else the groom can do to express his individuality, creativity, independence even. Okay he can wear a pair of fancy boxers but who, other perhaps than the bride, is going to see them? Socks however are a better bet. First they're like underwear, no one else cares, and second there's a chance of showing them off between pressed trouser and shiny shoe. A groom can, depending on his bravery quota express his wild side, His socks may, according to their craziness, be considered a small rebellion against conformity, a sign of his free will, after all he's his own man right? 


On the other hand marriage is about coming together, working as a team, thinking about the other, making little gestures to show your love - and what better way to do that than carefully pay attention to even the smallest wedding details, socks for example, hardly likely to be noticed, but if by chance they are then the groom will want to make sure he's thought of everything by making sure even his socks compliment the wedding theme. After all, nice socks in the laundry can I'm told be the difference between domestic bliss and strife.


The groom will have his supporting men. Not unlike a funeral wake male relatives and mates will show up to express their support and provide moral fibre in the groom's hour of need. How better to show their bond of manly friendship than sport coordinating socks? The girls may not notice but the men know it identifies fellow members of their secret clan.

Random Acts of Kindness

We have even had a lovely couple, (to protect their identity we'll just refer to them as William and Kate), who gave socks as wedding favours to all their guests! Hard to believe but true. And who are we to argue, after all a pair of socks is for ever, whereas a fortune cookie only until the end of the wedding reception.

The Wedding Photo

A girl has her wedding garter hidden under her outer attire. A man has his...

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