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Shop fast the 90/10 way! seriouslysillysocks introduces Amazon Pay

Posted by Andrew

Sarah has left it a bit late to buy friend Jane a birthday gift. Jane mentions her cold feet at every opportunity. Sarah is inspired....

First Sarah finds our store and the socks she wants (or searches online and finds the socks she wants and clicks through to seriouslysillysocks), she has a browse, homes in on our warm sock collection, picks out a gift box of wool socks that she knows Jane's feet will smile at, pays and gets back to the work she's paid to do before the boss see's she's shopping in company time! 

But checking out (or paying) can be a pain, especially when you are shopping in a hurry. Perhaps Sarah is actually at work, (shopping only in her lunch break of course), or perhaps she's running doing a little fresh food shopping one morning and suddenly remembers her friend Jane's birthday is tomorrow so quickly shops from her mobile. Or maybe Jane is buying while at home for husband Mike and wants to get the purchase over and done with before he looks over her shoulder.

Whatever the situation Sarah doesn't have time for lots of form filling in the checkout, while she doesn't mind browsing socks, once her mind is made up Sarah just wants to pay and go! It's a bit like going to a shop on the high street, browsing and selecting is the fun bit, taking ages waiting in turn to pay at the cash desk is tedious. She wants the shopping to take the time, the paying to take no time!

So while there's no doubt having an account with us is the best way for Sarah to get offers, discounts and news direct to her inbox when she's in a rush with a fresh stick of bread in her shopping bag and a forgotten birthday gift to buy and deliver fast the top priority is SUPERFAST payment. 

That's why we're really proud to bring Amazon Pay to seriouslysillysocks. New customers like Sarah don't need to create an account if they're already an Amazon customer, she clicks the AMAZON PAY option in the shopping basket, logs in with her Amazon account details, confirms the card she wants to pay with, confirms the address she wants to use and that's it! It really is that easy, Sarah hasn't entered any card details as she's paid with the card stored on her Amazon account; and she hasn't had to enter an address because she's selected one already in her Amazon account. 

It works just as well with Paypal Express. Sarah chose to use her Amazon account, how would you check out in a hurry? Both are super secure, we only receive from Amazon Pay or PayPal the info we need to ship Sarah's order.

This is the 90/10 way. 90% shopping, 10% paying. Then Sarah gets on with her day. After all there's more to life than shop socking, even when it's seriouslysillysocks.

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