Needing Inspiration? Easy Sock Gift Ideas

Needing Inspiration? Easy Sock Gift Ideas

Posted by Andrew Gill on 5th Nov 2019

I don't know if we're "famous" for our gift boxes but I do know they're really popular, we're known for them, something it's hard to get elsewhere and nigh on impossible to buy with the same quality and value. This post is blatantly self serving as I seek to convince readers who have not yet tried them. Here are 5 good reasons, why you might buy or gift socks in a box!

  1. Go for the WOW factor: Socks in a Box look great - if you want to save some wrapping hassle and display your gift with maximum pizzazz then four or more pairs in a presentation box is the way to do it
  2. It's so easy: A pair of socks is a lovely gift, a few pairs very generous, but what about the faff of choosing? We make it easy and do the hard work for you presenting coordinated designs ready to go. It's fast gifting! See our gift boxes here
  3. Get more for your money: Selling 4 or more pairs at a time in prepared boxes is efficient for us and so we can pass on savings to you, generally speaking when you buy a gift box you're getting the box for free. Some of our boxes even have an extra pair for FREE!
  4. Re-use your box: Our gift boxes are great for trinkets, keepsakes, nick-nacks and more. Thought boxes have pretty patterns, our own boxes are completely unbranded making re-use so much more relevant. And when all said and done the boxes are recyclable
  5. Send direct! Because our gift boxes need no wrapping you can send your gift direct to the recipient. Add your gift message in the "order comments" box at the checkout. All gift boxes are delivered by tracked mail.

Our selection updates constantly and we have gift boxes from just £15. For a unique easy to buy great quality beautifully presented quickly delivered gift... you could do much much worse!

But that's not all! We've a couple more ideas for you:

Firstly how about our Man Tubs? We've two "socks in a tub" offers, see them here. Our Man Tubs are for the bloke who's not bothered about a pretty box and would love a solid unbreakable plastic tub with lid to keep stuff in, you know nails and screws, golf balls and that sort of thing. The tubs are made of 100% recycled plastic, they're not pretty but they are practical and the socks inside are just great.

And failing that we have socks in a mug! To be precise this is a pair of bamboo socks in a bamboo travel mug, great for the car or daily commute. See them here.

Finally if you prefer to wrap yourself then how about our great value sock sets, bundles of socks at special prices or with added value which might be a free notebook or even a free pair of socks, click to see them!

We're always happy to help with gifting, feel free to get in touch by calling us on +44 (0) 1663308180 or email,

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Happy sock wearing...