Cool It! Socks for Warm Weather

Cool It! Socks for Warm Weather

Posted by Andrew Gill on 29th Jun 2019

The question in summer months is not how to keep feet warm but more about how to keep them cool, dry and fresh. The starting point is just not wearing socks at all! Or footwear for that matter! That’s generally a more popular solution for women than men, but for most people not always a practical solution. Especially for work many people still need socks and shoes, so which are the best socks for warm weather?

Wearing short socks and lighter weight socks and lighter weight/ open footwear seems like the obvious answer but is only part of the solution. Feet when they become warm will perspire and the resulting moisture (sweat) can lead to discomfort and in cases of frequent and prolonged perspiration to fungal conditions. Some fabrics handle this better than others. Let’s take a look at some examples:


Not only super-soft bamboo is renowned for its ability to wick moisture away from the skin,helping keep feet fresh and dry. Consequently bamboo is often described as being anti-fungal in that people consider it able to help keep feet cooler, drier and therefore less prone to fungal conditions like athletes foot than will a cotton. If you already own some bamboo socks then try wearing a bamboo sock on one foot and a cotton sock on the other during a warm day and you’ll be able to discover the difference for yourself! Bamboo socks are not only really comfortable but idea for Spring and Summer wear when feet get warmer, including for outdoor pursuits like walking and cycling, and bamboo is especially popular with horse riders because knee-high sock lengths fit very nicely in riding boots.

Merino wool

It may seem an odd suggestion to wear wool in finer weather but wool through the pores in the fibre naturally has excellent moisture wicking qualities and no more so than with the wool of Merino sheep, from which superfine moisture wicking clothing, including socks can be made. The wool is also soft, doesn’t irritate and also doesn’t whiff when physical exertion might make the wearer hot and bothered! That’s why Merino clothing is very popular next to the skin for extreme sports enthusiasts, both insulating when required and breathing to expel moisture as well keeping the wearer cooler and drier. The same applies to merino wool socks which while more expensive than bamboo offer hand finished Savile Row quality made right here in the UK.

Sea Island Cotton

For a more formal dress sock then bamboo and Merino, while smart might not quite cut it, especially in business attire so a great and affordable warm weather option is Sea Island Cotton socks. Made and hand finished in the UK from rare and fully certified Sea Island cotton this luxury dress sock is strong and durable but lightweight, incredibly soft and cool to wear making it the ultimate summer sock.

Look then for socks that have moisture wicking qualities such as bamboo and Merino, or are very light on the foot such as superior Sea Island Cotton. Combine these fabrics with shorter socks where possible to reduce the amount of fabric in contact with the skin. Or when the opportunity arises just go sock free!

You can see our Summer lightweight socks here.

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