Cold Feet at Night? We have a Remedy for that!

Cold Feet at Night? We have a Remedy for that!

Posted by Andrew Gill on 22nd Jan 2019

Here's the sleep challenge!

You sleep best when you're tired and comfortable

Thankfully your bed is designed for comfort, and you're designed to be tired at least once a day!

But sleep is a time of physical inactivity, meaning feet can get cold though reduced circulation, even though the rest of you may be plenty warm enough!

All this leads to discomfort and disrupted sleep. What to do?

I'll be blunt, we're here to talk socks for your feet so I'm not about to sell you a heated blanket, which anyway might raise your already satisfactory body temperature at the same time it's working on your tootsies. You could instead  take a warm bath to raise already cold feet to a comfy bedtime temperature, but even if that's possible and convenient the effects will likely only be temporary. Personally I like a hot water bottle in a crisis, it warms the parts I need it to and hot the whole of me, and lasts much of the night. And I won't pretend to you that I'm a bedtime sock wearer, I'm not and don't need to be, but many of you sock fans do wear at night - are your bed socks doing it for you? And if you're not wearing bed socks and are cold footed at night then this might also be for you.

Bed socks, also sometimes known as sleep socks, aren't then the only way to keep warm but they're an affordable option. They only warm the bit of you they're designed for, while promoting a cosy feeling of well being in the rest of you. Socks go well with other sleepwear, are handy for night time trips to the bathroom, easy to kick-off at times of overheating and available in enough options to cater for all needs in all seasons. Here are a few options, let's start easy and work our way up to extreme!


Think of bamboo for Summer comfort, it's lightweight but still feels warmer than standard cottons with the advantage it also wicks moisture away from the foot really effectively. Most bamboo socks will do the trick, especially those with a 50%+ bamboo content. Look also for soft-top or elastic free if you want the socks to grip the leg only lightly at night.

Spring and Autumn

Cooler nights without full on cold, take a look at fluffy socks or low content Alpaca (60% or less Alpaca) or cashmere blends (less than 50% cashmere) for warm dry feet, all natural fibres breath well to keep you warm without perspiring.


Now it's time for something more heavy duty, chunky sheep wool or high content (85%+) Alpaca wool will toast the coldest feet on the hardest nights. Soft grip options add for extra comfort.Just be aware that these types of socks are for the great indoors and not really suitable for going out!

Remember that natural wool fibres insulate because they trap air, they also through their pores release moisture to prevent sweating and the risk of fungicidal infections. We've a selection to show you here, use the filters to narrow your search between his and hers, by fabric, size and more.

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Happy sock wearing...