Choosing Bamboo? Brand Differences Explained

Choosing Bamboo? Brand Differences Explained

Posted by Andrew on 15th Feb 2019

There's Ooh Bamboo! and then there's Uch Bamboo!. Don't be fooled when you see "3 Pairs for a Fiver" type offers, you'll get only what you paid for. Seriouslysillysocks only sells Bamboo with an "Ooh!", a double-ooh infact because you'll get one when you feel our socks and another when you put them on! 

First we stock only brands we trust, or socks we can make ourselves hand in hand with trusted mills. We trust these brands because like all our socks, we've tried them - you wouldn't buy a car without getting behind the wheel, we don't buy socks without getting in them, wearing them, inspecting them, laundering them, inspecting them. If they're not god enough for our feet they're certainly not good enough for yours. "Do they feel good and last long?", that's what we're asking.

Then of course each brand is different from a design perspective, so when you're thinking of buying bamboo socks you'll be very much influenced by aesthetics, but what you can't be sure of unless you've bought before is what the difference is between each bamboo brand when it comes to wear and feel. Here's a quick guide:

Brave & Free is our most luxurious bamboo sock, the very high (76%) bamboo content means a silky feel a real "wow" feeling on first wear. The brand is pretty new and exclusive to seriouslysillysocks, so sorry ladies, there are only half a dozen men's options currently, but in two sizes (UK 7-11 and 11-14) [EDITOR NOTE: click here for international size conversion] so "Big Foot" men won't miss out. Brilliantly navy these are great office socks! See Brave & Free here.

Thought is probably the best known bamboo sock brand. Formerly known as Braintree these socks are for you if you want a plush feel at first touch. A high bamboo content, (usually 54% for Thought and 75% for Braintree) these socks have a thick sumptuous feel and retain that softness after washing. Available for women in one size only (UK 4-7) and men in one size (UK 7-11) so if you're bigger footed you need to look at our other brands. Thought and Braintree socks have a big following for comfort and the subtly of design and colour palette making great everyday and weekender designs. See Thought here or if you can't get used to the name change have a look at what's left in Braintree here.

Doris & Dude is our quirky range and has it's own niche following of avid wearers. Think outdoorsy, camper van, festival and seaside surf and you're on the right track! The premise on which Doris & Dude bamboo socks are made is completely different to Thought and Brave & Free, here we're talking durability with socks that are lighter weight (than Thought) but in our experience more durable on account of the equal mix of bamboo and organic cotton. While also very soft to first touch these socks don't feel quite as plush but wear harder and don't pill (bobble) so much. Mostly just in two sizes, women's UK 3-7 and men's 7-11 with a few 11-14 also. View Doris (& the Dude) by clicking here.

seriouslysillysocks are pretty well the same principle as Doris & Dude with the exception of sizing, all women's designs come in two size options (UK 3-7 and 7-11) and men's in two sizes (UK 7-11 and 11-14) with a plain and stripe available in three (UK 3-7, 7-11 and 11-14). serioulysillysocks exclusive bamboo designs are here.

Want to know more? Have a look at the info about a sock on it's product page. If you still have questions mail us: or give us a call on 01663308180 (outside the UK? use +441663308180).

Happy sock wearing!


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