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Do you match and fold your socks?

Posted by Andrew

The most frequent customer comment about our range of odd-socks is "Oh, none of the socks in our house match anyway!"

Sounds familiar? Apparently we can send people into space but we can't keep two socks together. Clearly for some this matters. A lot. Take a look at this 15 second sock folding video tutorial, great if you're packing small, obsessed by tidiness or bored and in need of something to do:

Infact even the military are in on the act and no one seems to have the same method. If you're in need of some serious sock folding check out our tutorials!

I imagine most people who bother to fold socks are wanting to keep left and right together. It may be a chore but saves one from groping round for a matching pair at the start of the day. Whether this observation resembles you or not might be determined by matching your sock drawer to one of these two pictures. No sock drawer, you're probably a hopeless case!

If feelings of inadequacy are ashing over you already then don't fret, it seems that there is a law of inevitability that states your ability to keep socks matched is directly proportionate to the newness of the socks and deteriorates over time. Extensive research has revealed this shocking trend:

Personally I've long suspected that dark forces are working against humanity in the battle to keep sock in matching pairs:

Customer research seems to prove my suspicion, I always suspected that some of my socks were in Never Never Land:

The question however is why any of this matters? Well frankly it doesn't. What really matters is why our sense of personal organisation, order, discipline or inner peace makes it necessary to wear matching socks in the first place? For those that don't care, or can't match their socks in the first place we have the perfect answer. The odd-socks at seriouslysillysocks.com are deliberately designed not to match, relieving the wearer of the stress of sock matching. And if the two halved of our non-matching socks get separated then that doesn't matter either, because they don't match anyway. You'll be smiling and skipping just like our friend here:

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