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Really? You've never heard of Sidekick Socks?

Posted by Andrew Gill

You've never heard of Sidekick Socks, we're actually pretty confident of that. At least not unless you’re one of our customers reading this in the United States. And that’s because seriouslysillysocks is the first stockist of Sidekick on the East side of the Atlantic. To help introduce you to our unique Sidekick wacky socks selection we’ve got a discount code and a competition below.

While Sidekick socks might be news to you, probably you do know, in fact many many of you have bought, our wonderful Solmate odd-socks. Sidekick is the sister company to Solmate. Like Solmate our Sidekick socks are handcrafted in the USA using 100% recycled materials. They’re made in the same place. They have the same earthy feel, have the same size options and are just as comfy and hard wearing. But Sidekick Socks don’t look the same!

Yes, some Sidekick designs are mismatched socks where the left and right feet are subtly different from one another, but for most of our 19 recycled cotton designs the left and right feet actually match, what a radical idea! They make up for that with some beautifully original design work and colour palettes, so if you like Solmate but prefer your socks to match then Sidekick could be for you!


Maybe also you like to be an early adopter! Who says that early adopters are techno-geeks, what about sock geeks? If you fancy striding around in a pair of socks that virtually no-one else outside of the USA has a pair of then Sidekick could be for you!

To see Sidekick in all it’s glory click here. To tempt you we’re offering £1 off per pair when you buy two or more pairs, just use code SIDEKICK at the checkout before the end of May 2018.

And if you’d like to win a pair of Sidekick socks then you’ll need to do a little detective work! Just let us know which American city provides the inspiration for the skyline in our Tabor design socks. You can do that by emailing us: help@seriouslysillysocks.com and using the subject line Sidekick Competition. All we’ll need apart from your answer is your name and phone number. The winner will be the first correct answer drawn out after the competition closes on 31st May 2018. We’ll contact the winner within seven days.

Happy sock wearing!

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