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Hello and thanks for visiting seriouslysillysocks. We're seriously silly about our socks and want you to feel the same working really hard to offer you socks different to those you might see in the chain stores. All our sock brands are tested on our own feet, here for example is a pair of French 'Dub & Drino' brand combed cotton socks going through an exhausting road test! In our pursuit of socks that look great, feel fab and last long if a brand or yarn doesn't work for us then we don't offer them to you.



We're not here just to change the world one pair of socks at a time, to be blunt we're mainly here to make a living, and know we can only do this with original socks, great quality, fast friendly service and FREE UK delivery, (discounted, fast and secure prices for delivery worldwide). 

About our socks:

The silliness in seriouslysillysocks has a lot to do with the crazy design of many of our socks and some of the yarns they are made from, for example our Solmate recycled cotton odd-socks and our Dub & Drino bamboo socks. The seriousness in seriouslysillysocks has a lot to do with our socks performance in use, on your feet. Just how good do they feel? That is all down to the quality of construction, take for example our Pantherella merino wool socks made in England, and Zkano organic cotton socks made by a family firm in Fort Payne, USA. It also matters just how our socks are made, our Pachamama wool socks for example are both Fairtrade and hand-made, and our Solmate recycled cotton socks and Ballonet combed cotton socks meet the international Oeko-tex standard for minimising the impact of chemicals.

About us:

Where to start? My grandfather was a retailer almost all his working life. In those days he would have been called a Shopkeeper, and more specifically a Grocer as he worked for the Co-operative movement as manager of what now seems a very old fashioned way of buying food supplies, a big square room with a counter around all four walls, staff in white overalls, goods stacked up on shelves all around. Shop keeping skipped a generation with my Dad but I followed and after years with a big food supermarket chain and then a big DIY business I also worked for the Co-operative movement, only for 20 years, half the time of my Grandfather! My experience is in food and non-food, and by the time I walked away to do other things I'd done something of everything. 

Life moved on but I can't escape the "ker-ching" of a sale and so I've kept my hand in with retail, and after some time trading special shopping events and Christmas Markets with hand made wool clothing I made an impulsive decision to develop a sock store on-line. The name "seriouslysillysocks" came to me in the shower and the rest is history in the making. 


To find out more:

Please explore our Info pages where you can read more about our socks and how to shop with us. We try hard to make online shopping more of an experience with first class service, it means we try to make you feel like you've just shopped at your local independent store, personal friendly service where real people look after you and take an interest in you and your order; there really is only one thing as good as our socks and that's our service!

Please give us a try, or get in touch and say 'Hi', we're at help@seriouslysillysocks.com or only a call away on +44 (0) 1663308180.

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